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    • New webcam feature!!
    • Not sure if you noticed but....


      Can I get a "fuck yeah!"? :P

      Click here to access the webcam page (look in the "extras" drop down menu)

      It's a new software I'm trying where it will be possible to broadcast directly inside the member area without being stuck broadcasting on a ton of other websites at the same time or dealing with the unhealthy competition on regular webcam sites.  Not that I'm unable to be competitive but I prefer to spoil my VIPs instead of dealing with …

    • Wold Press Photo 2018
    • On Monday, I treated myself to a nice walk outside the house to first; escape the insane construction noise that is seriously getting on my nerve and to go see the World Press Photos 2018 exhibit happening in the old port until the end of the month.  I've been wanting to go for a few years but always missed it either because I couldn't remember or had something else planned.  Lame... I know XD

      So Max and I enjoyed our long walk from noisy downtown to peaceful old Montreal passing by one of my favorite crèpes shop on St-Paul to eat a …

    • The day I almost died
    • It had been a fun ride, I said to myself as my life flashed in front of my eyes.

      The room was spinning and my heart was racing.  As my entire body was covering itself with sweat and the tip of my fingers became numb, I started to wonder why I had put myself in this crazy situation.  A part of me loved the experience but would have never thought it would have ended like this...

      Truth to be told, I thought I was going to die laying half naked in the back seat of my car while holding one of Spunky's poop bag in hope to expel what ever demon …

    • Through the window...
    • I've added a quick gallery called #ThroughTheWindow today which should have been in the same bunch as the #BushyGarden pictorial, uploaded a few days ago on the site.  Sorry for the separated gallery but these images must have hidden themselves thinking I was not going to find them but I did!  Mouahahhahahah...

      During the growing season (which is coming to an end - boohoo), part of my morning routine is to water my garden.  This year's gardening have been ok but to be honest, I'm a little disappointed.  Compare to my other years, …

    • Friday ramble to empty my mind <3
    • I received some disturbing news, in the last days, concerning my family.  My step dad is getting a triple or quadruple bypass on Monday which makes everybody very stressed and my sister and I have been texting all day about it.

      At the same moment (this morning), my mom tells me that she will have the results of her last tests that will determine if she has stage one lung cancer.  Obviously, I try to stay positive for both news and putting all my vibrations on my step dad's recovery while also hoping my mom's test come back negative but some …

    • Underwear in the park
    • One of the many aspects I enjoy about summer is the many days spent in parks, baking my soft skin under the sun.

      Years ago, we bought this super cool "doggy blanket" that has a fleece top and a impermeable style fabric on the other side.  It's perfect to sit on the ground without worry of your booty getting either dirty or wet by the dirt.  The reason I'm calling it a "doggy blanket" is because it was sold by a dog clothing company as an outdoor cover for your dog.  They stopped making it, sadly, but the idea was pretty cool so we …

    • Lazy day in Palm Springs...
    • Even if we are back in Montreal, Max and I still daydream about our calm mornings in Palm Springs.  The sun was always shining and by noon it was impossible to stay outside even in the shade.  I looooved this crazy temperature and would love to live it again one day.

      The few candids I published today are from one of these calm mornings.  I wore one of my favorite lingerie piece and gave a nice show to the neighbors.  We received no complaints so I guess it was a decent show XD

      hope you like <3

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